This Grammar Guru Will Solve the World’s Problems

Nov. 20, 2018. The Times paid a visit to the Grammar Table to document some of Ellen’s linguistic adventures in Verdi Square. Read about double possessives, college essays, grammar democracy, and more!

Confused about grammar? An expert wants to help

May 31, 2019. Last spring, Ellen began traveling around the U.S. with the Grammar Table. Steve Hartman of the CBS program On the Road visited with her as she roamed the streets of New Hope, Pennsylvania, on a quest for grammar questions.

January 14, 2019. Ellen set up her Grammar Table in the Times Square subway station and fielded language questions from commuters and tourists alike. “The New York City train system has a new unofficial stop—for people who love grammar,” proclaimed Voice of America.

‘The grammar woman’ will take your questions

Nov. 22, 2018. New York’s Fox 5 visited Ellen on the Upper West Side. “This is grammar for the people,” Ellen said from her sidewalk grammar stand. “I’m taking grammar to the streets.”

April 2, 2019. Ellen set up the Grammar Table at the annual conference of the American Copy Editors Society, hung out with hundreds of copy editors, and got a mention in this article by Comma Queen Mary Norris.

December 12, 2019. Ellen talked punctuation philosophy with writer and fellow punctuator Jeannette Cooperman. At work, breaking with tradition and standard usage can be risky. “Some people hate entrepreneurial punctuation,” Ellen observed.

Got grammar questions? Charleston gets language help, advice from sidewalk grammar guru

November 29, 2019. On Thanksgiving morning, Ellen set up her Grammar Table in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. From a spot near the finish line of the annual Turkey Day Run, she answered the grammar questions of entire families of cheerful race finishers preparing to go home and eat turkey.

Healing the world with words. Language nerds unite as Grammar Table stops in Lexington.

October 18, 2019. Ellen arrived in Lexington, Kentucky, to answer grammar questions and talk grammar philosophy at 5/3 Pavilion at Cheapside. “People do get attached to a certain way of doing things,” she said. “Language is central to how we think of ourselves, and people want to do better. It’s never a boring thing, it’s very exciting and goofy, you can totally nerd out at the grammar table.” Video included with the article.

‘Word nerd’ sets up grammar table on Delmar; she’s not there to criticize or scold

October 15, 2019. Grammar Table popped up in St. Louis, where Ellen talked about punctuation, typing classes, pronunciation, and perceived grammar generation gaps with passersby in Delmar Loop.

Talking Words: Ellen Jovin stopped in Baker City on a cross-country tour to share her knowledge of, and love for, language

August 28, 2019. Ellen set up the Grammar Table in front of the Geiser Grand Hotel in Baker City, an Oregon city with a population of slightly under 10,000 people. “I want people to take joy in language and not use it as a weapon to hurt people with,” said Ellen. Baker City is the only place in the U.S. where the Grammar Table has been visited by a quail family.

Ellen Jovin cleans up language at the Grammar Table in South Bend

August 8, 2019. In South Bend, Indiana, Ellen set up outside a bar and talked to patrons. “It’s been a really cheering thing for me in this time of conflict,” she said. “I can talk to almost anybody. We can have different philosophies, different political beliefs, and it doesn’t encroach on the pleasure we take in talking about grammar.” This piece includes a video interview and footage from the streets.

Grammar guru brings language answers to Detroit with tiny table

August 2, 2019. In time for the Democratic presidential debates, Ellen arrived in Detroit with her Grammar Table. Her husband, Brandt Johnson, filmed the grammar fun as Ellen fielded questions about semicolons, pronouns, and how to get red stains out of a white carpet. (Seriously.)

From her ‘Grammar Table,’ sidewalk expert answers language questions

July 28, 2019. Buffalo was the first stop on the unofficial National Grammar Table Summer 2019 Tour! Coffee and grammar go together, so Ellen set up in front of Caffe Aroma and talked to locals ranging from a few years old to more than a few years old, about topics such as Oxford commas, collective nouns, and a perennial favorite, spacing after periods!

Rejoice, grammar geeks

July 24, 2019. In advance of the annual literary event Islanders Write, Ellen talked to the Martha’s Vineyard Times about grammar philosophy and the history of the Grammar Table. “I think it’s very bad etiquette to correct people unless they ask,” Ellen said, before noting another potential social misstep: punctuation pedantry in dating profiles.

This Grammar Fanatic Wants to Start a Conversation About Language

Dec. 12, 2018. Listen to Ellen discussing her grammar philosophy with Robin Young on the show Here and Now. There is also some extra-exciting discussion of restrictive and non-restrictive relative clauses! Don’t miss it!